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The Story

The Bible is the best-selling book in history. But, how many people engage the Bible on a regular basis? A recent survey by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada found that fewer than 5% of Canadians read their Bible on a daily basis, and up to 40% of Canadians never read the Bible in any significant way. But, the really shocking news is that more than 40% of people who attend church on a regular basis only read their Bibles once or twice a month. The numbers are staggering.

Here at Ladner Christian Reformed Church we hope to not add to that statistic. Indeed, to whatever extent daily Bible reading has waned amongst our fellowship we hope to reverse that trend in the coming ministry year. To that end we are going to use a book called The Story to help. The Story is a condensed version of the Bible presented in chronological order in 31 chapters. While it does not include the whole Bible, it does present the whole story of the Bible from Creation in Genesis all the way to Re-Creation in Revelation. And, every carefully selected and sequenced Scripture passage is taken straight from the well-respected and time-tested New International Version of the Bible. In short, The Story presents the Word of God in an engaging format, reading like a novel.

 We will be engaging The Story in a campaign format together, meaning that their will be multiple levels of participation offered to you. They are as follows:

  1. Large Group Format - From September to May our Sunday services and sermons will be geared around each chapter of The Story.
  2. Small Group Format - During the same time frame Small Groups, kidsLIFE, Bible Studies, Youth Group, and every other ministry group in the church will be invited to participate in The Story using the excellent group curriculum available. The group curriculum coincides with each Sunday sermon.
  3. Individual/Family Format - Also during the same time frame we'll be asking families and individuals to read through one chapter of the story per week (about two pages per day). Along with that reading we'll provide devotional guides for families and individuals.

It's not essential for you to participate in every format. But we hope that you will join us in some way as we journey through The Story together, and find our own stories in God's Story.




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