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Cross Training

Cross Training is from September 24, 2017-November 12, 2017 (No class October 8)
Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. before our worship service.


Is it possible to talk together about difficult topics?

Christians are not immune to the coarsening speech patterns of our culture. Are we becoming less civil, more polarized, more antagonistic?

We are called to be charitable, to esteem others better than ourselves, to be humble, to serve in love. Yes, but what about defending truth,      opposing error, resisting evil? Keeping the peace has its limits; it must not come at the cost of  holiness. No compromise with evil!

And so battle lines are drawn, positions taken, opposing views dismissed, heads turn hot and hearts grow cold.

CAN WE TALK! is seven Sunday morning sessions to explore speech that is civil, charitable and up-building. In particular, we ask how conflicts and contentious topics might be turned into   opportunities for spiritual growth and witness. What does it mean to be a community that     behaves like Christ when divisions, polarization and religious intolerance spread toxic poison, daily, all around?

Can we create spaces for respectful communication and discussion on difficult topics, recognizing people have different view points?

This is not meant to be a lecture type format. On the contrary, given we might touch on topics Christians find difficult to discuss, the group itself will decide what the focus, the aim and limits of the discussions will be.




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