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Crosstraining for Spring 2018   

The spring cross training session will consist of four discussion sessions led by Nick Loenen and Bart van der Kamp.  The first session on April 8 at 9:30 a.m., led by Nick will deal with the question:  What is our  destiny: heaven or the new earth?  What does the Bible say? How does the answer affect the way we live now? 

The other topics may include:

(2) Living in a secular society, how do we witness?

(3) Grace, faith, and works: how are they related?

(4) The biblical concept of righteousness. 

However participants may instead want to suggest other topics in which case we would as a group decide where to go.

 The sign-up sheet for the course I on the foyer table, along with a coffee sign-up for volunteers to make the coffee.  All are welcome.



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