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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do during Sunday worship?

We engage in singing a variety of Christian songs from the more traditional to the more comtemporary. We are usually led by a worship team but, from time to time, do make use of the one and only pipe organ in the Ladner community. Every worship service includes a message from one of the pastors - usually the Senior and preaching pastor. The Lord's Supper is celebrated monthly. Baptisms, infant and adult, take place in a worship service upon request.

How long do your worship service last?

Ordinarily, worship services are around 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration. Only infrequently and under exceptional circumstances might they go longer.

What can I expect, should I attend worship service?

You may expect to be greeted with a friendly welcome. Greeters and other welcoming volunteers will be happy to show your around and direct you to nursery care, should you need it.

Is there a dress code for Sunday worship?

Please, come as you are. God does not look at the outward appearance but at what lives within our hearts.

What about parking?

We have ample parking space all at the rear of the church building. Several parking stalls at the front of the church are reserved for persons with disabilities. There are also several marked spots at the rear parking lot.

Is your building wheel chair accessible?

Yes. There is a wheel chair ramp at the front of our building and the front entry doors are designed to facilitate wheel chair entry.

Do you offer child care during worship times?

Yes, we have nursery care for children 0-3 years. If you prefer to have your young children with you, they are gladly welcome in the service! We like to give the option of bringing young ones to the nursery before or at any point during the service. 

What about older children?

Children Age 3 to Grade 5 begin by worshiping with their families, the go to kidsLIFE children's worship partway through the service. 

Am I expected to give money?

No. We welcome you as a visitor and are more than happy to host you.

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